It’s the dawn of 2019! While you may still be in recovery from the holiday festivities, now’s a good time to think about your resolutions. Popular avenues include weight loss, work goals, and spending time with the family. We’ve got another fun topic—Camping! 

Life is busy. There’s work, kids, your spouse or significant other, and a hundred other things you have going on every day. But those vacation days and spring breaks lose their luster after the first few days of sitting on the couch. Why not get out and find new adventures? If you don’t normally think about camping resolutions, then you might be missing out on some exciting opportunities to expand your world. 

Camping Every Season 

Each season has a lot to offer to outdoor enthusiasts. From wildlife to foliage to activities, you can discover the joys of nature from spring through winter. In the spring, you can watch the woods come alive again after a long, cold slumber. Watch bird migrations as the various species return, and enjoy new life in the flowers and animals. Summer is the classic season for camping, and for good reason. It’s peak temperatures for swimming and running through the trees. 

Fall offers a scenic view of fiery foliage and weather that invites a warm cup of cider by the campfire. Witness the wonders of nature winding down for the year, and indulge in the cooler temperatures after a hot summer. Don’t forget your flannel and knit cap for brisk mornings and evenings. The winter gives you a chance to experience the stillness of the slumbering outdoors, but not everything is down for the count. Winter birds and woodland creatures still flap and scurry while you hike through white meadows. 

Explore New Regions and Climates 

For a change of scenery, you can try camping in locations foreign to your daily surroundings. Two examples that come to mind are the mountains and the desert. Imagine venturing out into the Appalachians or the Rockies for a long weekend. The hiking would be an experience you’d tell your friends about for weeks after the trip. Be sure to do your research and prepare for bears and other wildlife you might not be familiar with. 

The desert gives you a new perspective on nature, as the water is scarce and the flora and fauna survive in new forms and methods. Bring plenty of water and sunblock, and do your research on the wildlife you may encounter. While the harsh environment might seem intimidating, try to imagine a blanket of stars at night hanging over the terrain of cactus and brush. It’s a sight, day or night, that sticks in your memories for years. 

Camp with New People 

Think about the people you encounter during the week and what potential those casual acquaintances have. You work with them, get coffee with them, and go to their neighborhood parties. Why not try camping with a new group of people. If you’re a first-time camper, going in a group will make things easier, anyway. They can give you advice on what to bring, how to start a fire and pitch your tent, and the company makes it all the more enjoyable. 

The bonding opportunities are plentiful while you’re in the great outdoors. With activities like hiking and huddling around the campfire, you can easily forge relationships with people who normally show you how to change the toner or lend you their lawnmower. Already existing companionships can strengthen over a weekend, as well. Don’t let a little social unfamiliarity spoil your chance to form closer friendships and build a seasonal group of camping buddies. 

This year can be the year you lose twenty pounds or get that promotion, but be sure to have a little fun, too. And what better way to enjoy the outdoors than to branch off into new and unexplored options. Whether it’s a snowy weekend or a trip to the mountains, or that overdue bonding experience with your neighbors, get out of your usual camping routine and create some new paths. You’ve got twelve months to fill with adventure.