Hi! We’re Timber Ridge, an easy solution for your camping equipment. You might be thinking “Timber Ridge…, never heard of ’em,” and we get it. There’s a world of outdoor brands out there. Some are the ‘fast food’ versions: fast, cheap, and easy. Others are more specialized, so there’s a higher price for top-shelf quality and reputation. Both sound appealing in their own ways. We’re the new kid on the block, and we’re ready to make friends. What’s our appeal? Our equipment is easy to use and a few steps above the ‘fast food’ brands, but we keep it affordable. Our goal is to take the worry out of family camping.


Did you ever camp as a kid? Maybe you were in the scouts, or you grew up in a family of outdoor enthusiasts. There’s an allure about camping that, if you get it, you keep wanting to go back. The sounds of daytime birds and nighttime owls, the warm smell of a campfire, and the pinhole blanket of stars above can all draw you back. But, you grew up and life got busy. There’s a job and a mortgage to worry about now, plus possibly kids. Life became mostly about doing what you have to with some short, intermittent periods of relief when you get to do what you want. You should take advantage of those the same way you did growing up and spread it to your family and friends. You can find the allure again.


It’s not easy, especially when you’re the one in charge. But with planning and the right equipment, it’s doable and enjoyable for everyone. The birds, the campfire, and the glowing purple sky are still out there and ready for your return. Your weekends away can be the talk of the following week for your kids. But you’ll want them to remember the hiking, swimming, and exploring, not so much the hour it took to set up the tent. Most pizza places don’t deliver to rural map coordinates, either, so building a fire is something you might want to brush up on, as well.
That’s why we’re here. Our products are made to be your least worry. Whether it’s a roomy tent for a family of seven, or a dependable cooler for a romantic weekend getaway, we’ve got you covered. And we’ll provide useful and hopefully entertaining articles, including tips and how-to’s on various aspects of camping.


You’re not alone when it comes to camping questions and problems. We know, because we’re out there, too, and we’ve had the same hiccups happen to us. Whether you’ve got kids, pets, or bears to worry about — perhaps all three, we like to share what we’ve learned about camping. It could’ve been through trial and error, like the waterlogged wood logs for a morning fire — mmm, dry instant oatmeal.
Sometimes, we actually try to stay ahead of the weather and find out beforehand. However the information is gathered, we like to get it out to you.


So, come back and pay us a visit! We’ll keep posting helpful information that reads a lot better than stereo instructions. It should help your camping weekends go a lot smoother. That’s what we’re about. We hate things being more complicated than they need to be, and we love getting out into nature. Whether it’s on the back porch or in the backwoods, we want Timber Ridge to take the worry out of your adventures.